On January 1st, 2005, The Abandonware Network closed all its active services. These pages are here for archival purposes only!

Welcome to Heureka!, the search engine of the Abandonware Network!

'Search engine' in this case means that we don't provide any actual contents by ourselves, but we provide an extensive database of websites related to classic software and hardware whose contents are indexed here. Whatever you're looking for - we'll give you a fitting link!

Here at Heureka!, we follow a simple rule: something for everyone. We have games, we have apps, we have docs. Or are you the kind of person looking for pure information? No problem, reviews on our member sites are listed in our database as well. No restrictions to specific hardware systems are a given, of course.

A final note for webmasters: Heureka! doesn't have its own independent database, but searches the members of TUOL and Abandonweb instead. If you're interested in having your site listed, you have to join at least one of these two rings, and your site will automatically appear here.

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